Hello, reader! Thanks for stopping by. I figured it was about time I started a website. I think it is important that people understand my life, and how I arrived at some of my more controversial views. While most people that meet me generally feel pretty good about my character, when I start with the humanitarian advocacy, people tend to start getting nervous. So in the spirit of not getting nervous, please read around the site, get to know my story, and try to understand how my mind works.

And please comment. I am always looking for feedback on both my skill as a writer, and as an advocate as well. Even if you only want to say you are having the ashes of your computer airlifted into an active caldera because it has seen this, I do want to hear from you.

As is everything, this site is a work in progress. Some things here I have no desire to edit. The autobiography, however, will start as a rough draft that I have penciled into a notebook. I intend to reorganize it into sections, while leaving the original at the end of the page for reference. I guess this means you get to watch my writing process as well. I think you will want to keep reading, though. It’ll all be original!

I hope you are having a beautiful day!

Arif Michael Vega

May 10, 2016