Nick Mathews press conference held at PVCC

Arif Michael Vega

Feb. 2016

Nick Mathews from The Daily Progress held a press conference with the PVCC journalism club Jan. 26. Dr. Tamara Whyte moderated the event, occasionally speaking out for clarity, on behalf of the students. Literature on press conference conduct and attitude was distributed a week before, and students were encouraged to act boldly, and to ask hard questions.

This was a unique ability for PVCC to reach out and build reputation for itself, and its students, as well as for Mathews to build on his own. Mathews was appointed editor-in-chief of the Progress in May of last year, and is working on building his local network. “Now that I’ve gotten a little bit settled, now that I have my ducks in a row, I’m really starting to reach out to the community” he said.

The Daily Progress is owned and operated by Berkshire Hathaway, a company with interest in controversial companies. boasts over 50 sub-companies, most of them household names. Kraft Foods, BNSF, GEICo, and several diamond companies were among them. The collective portfolio of the board of directors is even more diverse, adding companies such as Texaco and Coca-Cola. Warren Buffett and Bill gates have both sat on the board of directors. According to Mathews, this does not draw criticism. “They are pretty successful individuals, right?”

Mathews says there is no company policy regarding employee investments at this time.

The conference also covered what life and relationships are like as a reporter, and as an editor. “Sometimes I have had better relationships with sources than my reporters did” he said.

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