Return of the Volunteer Club

Arif Michael Vega, Staff Writer

The Forum, Mar. 2016

The PVCC Volunteer Club, de-commissioned for a year now, has been revived. Former adviser Kim Hoosiers close colleague, Dr. Todd Platts of the sociology department, volunteered as the new faculty adviser.

After three preliminary meetings, officers were appointed, a budget submitted and three projects moved to action.

Officers are Ashleigh, President, Yolanda Espinoza, Vice President, Natalie Greene, Treasurer, Arif Vega, Secretary and Asa, Student Government Representative.

A budget of $400 has been requested as of Feb. 17.

The three projects voted into action are a Super Smash Brothers tournament, which is a fundraising collaboration with the SSB club and Volunteer club, an Easter event and an HIV testing and awareness event. Working with refugees is also a strong possibility, and is pending with research.

Ongoing actions to increase participation was also identified as an important element of the club’s efforts.

The volunteer club has a rich history with PVCC, organizing such events such as the battle of the bands, Halloween and Easter events, community outreach and awareness programs.

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