Photography class visits Tom Tom Carnival

Arif Michael Vega, Staff Writer

The Forum, May 2016

Stacey Evans led her photography class in exercises at the Dogwood Festival Carnival Apr. 12. Around 12 students attended the event, each with a list of inspirations to fulfill as an assignment. The students drove or carpooled to the scene, and were immediately taking pictures.

The carnival was noisy, bright, boisterous and cheerful. There were more children than adults, which concerned some students. Others were not so cautious. “How can you take a photo without someone in it?” asked student Nicole Boldak. Later, when Evans asked how students felt about taking photos at the carnival this subject was the first to come up. Corey Boggs brought up the matter of children, but mentioned that when he asked, the parents were happy to pose with their families. Several students reported getting dirty looks, and observing their classmates getting them as well. Boggs solution was to set up a tri-pod and look official. Others ignored the issue, or did not notice.

Evans assigned inspirational challenges to be met while at the carnival. The first inspiration was an opening theme, or introductory picture. The others were “something passing”, “artificial light”, “a detail” and “Magic Hour”, which is the time directly after sunset.

The subjects were numerous. There was a Ferris Wheel, carousel, roller coasters, aerial rides and several games. Food stands stood alone or in rows, brightly and colorfully lit in neon, creating a busy background to students’ photos of yet more neon.

Students met in small groups to compare progress and share their personal inspirations. Some participated directly with the event, taking their cameras on rides, or buying a product. Julian Allen, a student, found it in a caramel apple, and moving pictures of the various rides. “I actually took two pictures of it,” he said, “But I didn’t like the one with a bite taken out of it.”

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