Professor Stacey Evans hosts dual authors at VA festival of the book

Arif Michael Vega, Staff Writer

The Forum, May 2016

Two authors were at UVA’s special collections library Mar. 16. PVCC adjunct instructor Stacy Evans moderated. Robert Llewellyn, photographer for the book “Seeing Seeds: A Journey into the World of Seedheads, Pods, and Fruit” and Carolyn Russo, author of “Art of the Airport Tower” spoke on the creative process and inspiration.

            “Seeing Seedswas a collection of microscopic photographs of seeds, and compares the seed to the mature adult. Russo, who photographs airport towers around the world, says it is amazing how easily the two books show the relationship of man and nature; how the art of the airport tower can be seen in the microcosm of the seed. Llewellyn compares the travel of his vegetative subjects with the travel of man. “They fly on the wind and they talk to one another.” He said.

The seeds photographed were diverse, as the title would suggest. Many were on a simple white background, and some were magnified to thousands of times its own size. The airport towers, too were diverse, from across the globe, and in time as well. Many were crumbling, some were re-purposed, some were considered historical artifacts, and some were not. Russo said they all should be considered historic sites.

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