The Evolution of an Anarchist

Dear Arif:

Nineteen years have passed since that fated day.  The day of reckoning, when that small town finally caught up to you.  They really did tell you to go away, didnt they?  The teachers, the police, then even the judges and lawyers.  Aye, I know what you are going through.  I was once there myself.

Would you like to know more about you?  You are still an anarchist, still a sorcerer, hold the robes.  Things have coalesced however.  Anarchy has become an ideal.  Your work is gentler now and it is performed not for you, nor even often the people around you.  Instead it is done for the next generation and the generation after.

It is good that you do not listen- already you know better than most.  Even today they still consider you a radical.  Your existence, punctuated by explosions and flying debris will evolve  and give in to personal power.  The fires you create will temper you.  The harshest climates you will seek, the places no others will go is where you can live in your utopia, alone.

It is this loneliness, along with biting cold and searing heat that will make up your inner strength.  And when you stand fast and the wall of steel batons and soulless plastic shields advance on your line, aye, there will be others like you, too.  The tempered, the soft, the loud and the quiet.  They have been there all along, all waiting to come out of their hermitage to stand fast with you, even as the clouds of pepper billow in the wind, bringing the teary eyes and mucous choking  unto you all.  You will need your training there, for a better world.

Now, how to pass wisdom along in such a belated horoscope?  Is there some benefit to be gleaned from this ink I lay?  Maybe not but I will tell you anyways to soldier on.  I know, as you assume, your studies will gain you no popularity.  What they will do however is give you the vocabulary to describe your work.  You do, in the end, become a magician, though it is in no way you could have imagined.

And one last thing.  I am glad you stayed on the good side of the field.  There are evil people that are watching you.  Do not work for them.  You are the perfect demographic for evil works and your flagrant display of explosives and incendiaries will draw them, not like flies, but like a herd of elephants or harem of seductive women.  Stay true, do not give in to the hate.  Follow your fathers wisdom as I know you will and everything will turn out great.


From Free Write Friday, write a letter to yourself at thirteen.  Hindsight is 20/20  Thanks again Kellie!  Always an inspiration!

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