Student Success Day at PVCC

Student Success Day at PVCC

Arif Michael Vega, Staff Writer

Sept. 29, 2015

The student success office kicked off their Student Success Day on Sept. 23.  The event included twelve seminars, one game show and an hour of activities, including free food, drink, desserts and music throughout the lunch hours.

Student success day was inspired by sporadic events put on by the math, writing and counseling departments. Noting the benefit of a single interdepartmental event, David Lerman, Kristen Holtorganized staff and faculty to maximize draw for all student services with one school-wide event.

Subjects ranged from credit advice and radical thinking to math and writing anxiety.  Priority management, health and study habits were also addressed.

The approximately 85 students that sat in for the seminars (and game show) were not the only ones honing their skills.  UVA interns who have been helping in the counseling department also joined in to observe the speakers and their interactions with the students.

At the end of the day, faculty received an email declaring the event a success. Reviews were overwhelmingly positive and the event is now being hailed as the “First Annual” Student Success Day.

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