Leadership Appreciation with the Black Student Alliance

Arif Michael Vega, Staff Writer

The Forum, Jan. 2015

The Black Student Alliance demonstrated appreciation for their leadership on Dec. 9. Chef Ralph Brown both catered the event with hearty appetizers and a cake. Brown also gave an introductory speech, drawing attention to the hard work it takes to run a club and attend classes full time.

The event celebrated the four fall semester leaders, as well as rewarding them with fifty dollar scholarships.

Miah Perch, the incoming president, spoke on club activities, including service events, time management programs and music studies. But all of these programs share one common theme. According to Perch it is “Just really pushing people to be themselves and genuine, and showing people what you can do.”

Perch says the BSA is “a comfortable group, where people of all different races can come, and talk and commune, a place where someone is welcome, always welcome.”

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